LinkedIn is a tremendous tool for sharing information. But, it has a few bugs/hurdles you have to hop over to make it easier to share your best content marketing. With a little patience and the tips you'll find below, you can become an advanced publisher on LinkedIn without becoming a premium member (or paying through the nose for sponsored posts).

Sharing a Company Update on Your Personal Page -

When you're the employee of a company you can easily select to have your company updates rise to the top of your feed. This makes it easy to share what your company is posting about. HOWEVER, when you are the manager of your company's LinkedIn page, it isn't so easy. This is especially frustrating when your current personal network is better curated than that of your company page.

The trick is to either:

a) Hope LinkedIn lives up to its promise of floating your post to the top of your personal feed (I haven't found this to be true).

b) Use a helpful hack to catch your post by resetting your LinkedIn feed.

Thankfully a kind soul by the name of Darren Jamieson has got b) covered. Check out his step by step guide here. It's a year old and still relevant.

Read it, it will save you the headache of hitting refresh to no avail.


Creating Lists of Relevant Prospects and How to Message Them - 

So you haven't ponied up for Sales Navigator? That's OK. Sales Navigator offers quite a lot but if you're looking to simply make introductions to relevant prospects, you don't need it.

By leveraging the search settings on the side bar of your search results you can whittle down your search criteria (current company, metro area, interest, even title) to create a targeted list of prospects.  Here's exactly how to do so, and do so quickly, in a post from Wayne Breitbarth. It even includes a link to a resource that gets into the nitty gritty of people searching on LinkedIn. Read it, you'll be a social-private-eye in no time flat.


Embedding Videos on Your Terms - 

LinkedIn has stepped up its editing game and adding pictures and videos to posts is now easier than it ever was. BUT, if you use LinkedIn's easy embed tools then you have less control over how your video looks. This includes:

  • Whether or not the video has a title
  • Whether or not the video has Youtube's 'watch these additional videos' at the end of your video.
  • etc.

Not to worry. Another selfless LinkedIner, Geoff Anderson - Video Producer, Author, Presenter, has created this handy video to demonstrate how to embed video on your terms.

 Let us know what LinkedIn does that infuriates you. If we can get to the bottom of it, we will!


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