Chances are, you're sitting on heaps of content. Lots and lots of content that you spent lots and lots of money on. Yet most everyone is advising you to create loads more. 

Well here's a dirty little content secret for you, you don't need to produce more content. Sure, you may need a piece here or there. But it's high time to stop thinking of content as infinite scroll and start thinking of it like your closet.

A closet? Imagine this. You're going to a wedding, and it's right around the corner. You told yourself you'd take the time to find the perfect dress. To lose a little weight. To find out what the other girls were wearing. You didn't. You panic. You hit up the mall, Rent the Runway, you click a random fashion ad on Instagram. You wish you had a Fairy Godmother or Stacy London's direct dial! Meanwhile, the dress you should wear to that wedding is already in your house.

Say what?! Somewhere, in the depths of your closet, exist half a dozen perfectly adequate ensembles. Amongst them? The one that will make you feel like Cinderella without upstaging the bride.

Your content library is not unlike your closet.  And, if you're not leveraging your existing evergreen content to its fullest extent, then you're wasting an incredibly valuable asset. 


So, should you start reposting content left and right? Not exactly. You'll want to accessorize it the same way you would any outfit. Consider things like:

  • Is my headline still click-worthy? And does my headline, meta tag, and intro meet the recent SEO scoring criteria?
  • Could my images or format use a little sprucing up?
  • Are there dates, stats, and other facts that could benefit from an update?
  • Have I considered how my sales decks, prior speaking engagements, and product collateral may actually provide me with all sorts of read-worthy stuff?
  • And most importantly, are there similar pieces in my closet that I should consider packaging together (see Content Pyramid).


Not a dress wearer? Fine. But if you're reclaiming wood, upcycling bottles, sampling beats, and "turning one man's junk into another man's come-up"... apply the same logic to content. Or, allow us to show you how to spin what you've already got into pure gold! 


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